Friday, May 15, 2015

The Farm

Hollywood Farm, Est. 2006 is located in a small farm town in Central Indiana.

The soil on the farm is the source of the success of our Peony growth. The land had been fertilized and farmed for 80 years before we came. We have not used any pesticides on our field and have been reestablishing its growth naturally before we eventually fill the entire field with  rare peonies.

Since we've owned the land we've planted 900 walnut, pecan, maple and pine trees to reestablish the forest line. This brings a plethora of migrating birds to the area who also act as excellent insect replants.

We've also planted several types of Hop vines throughout the years. We use this to make our own bee. Our popular medicinal tea, we  include wild chamomile growing naturally all over the farm, and lemon balm. We mix in the lavender we grow in LA and call it our "Sundown Blend". 

This was  our 1st year after planting. It then became a
3 year waiting game

We've currently 71 young bushes. It takes three years for the bushes to fully mature. 
Every year we've been adding to our crop. Hollywood Farm has 20 acres we hope to fill with the magical fragrance and beauty of the peony flower! What type of Peony flower would you like to see growing on Hollywood Farm? Please leave your comments and we will consider this in our next root order. 

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